Robes are a mainstay in boxing for a number of reasons. Firstly there are benefits for the boxer in terms of staying warm and keeping muscles loose during the ring entrance. Secondly a customised boxing robe is a great promotional tool and can feature the logos of any sponsors. Finally, the robes are colourful and help to distinguish the boxers from each other.

A boxing robe is surprisingly comfortable to wear. They are designed to have a loose fit so they are easy to take on and off. In addition the sleeves are larger to account for the gloves. The things that make them great for boxers also ensure they are a wonderful piece of clothing to wear around the house.

Famous names

Scene on Film provides a fantastic selection of robes, including replicas from a number of the world’s greatest fighters. Whether you are a Tyson, Ali, or Hearns fan, we have the perfect product for you. In addition we have the classic Rocky Balboa Italian Stallion robe.

If you want to go one step further than a replica of your favourite boxer you can choose a customised boxing robe. With a simple step by step ordering process you can create unique robes. Choose from a selection of different colours for the robe, add up to three lines of text, select the font and decide on a colour for the text. The price depends on the options you choose but you can see this when you are customising the garment.


You can order products with us in complete confidence. We strive to maximise quality, ensuring that every single item looks great. In the past we have supplied robes for film and production companies and even cinemas. One major name we have worked with is 20th Century Fox. As a result you can expect the best from us.

If you are searching for a comfortable, flashy customised boxing robe browse our website. You can also contact us directly if you have any questions or special requirements.