When you think about boxing, many people are familiar with the sight of competitors walking out with eye-catching personalised robes on before they begin. If you are a fan, why not design your own boxing robe through us?


The idea of adding a personal touch to the items you buy is rising in popularity. Because of this, there is a large market and it is easier than ever to find a product. The process isn’t as costly as some might expect it to be and it is simple too. On our website you can see the options you have to create and own a robe that truly is yours.


When you purchase your very own boxing robe, it is a way to have a piece of memorabilia to commemorate a pastime that you love. This not only looks cool, but offers functionality too so that you can get use out of it. The size and materials mean you will stay warm and loosened up. While you may not be a boxer, can still get a comfy garment many people enjoy wearing when relaxing.

Use this chance to get your hands on something that you get to have a say in. This enables you to stand out from other people. It could be a small choice such as a colour you like or something personal such as a nickname. You get to feel more of a connection because you have designed it yourself and it is your own creation.

People enjoy the idea of the higher quality that comes with custom-made rather than mass production. The truth is that the products we supply you with are made to the highest standards. They are so good that celebrated companies like 20th Century Fox have used them.

You can count on Scene On Film to supply leading memorabilia items. With high levels of quality, design your own boxing robe with us today. You won’t regret it and will have a unique garment you can enjoy for a long time.