How boxers look outside the ring is almost as important as how they perform inside it. After-all there is an important element of entertainment and pageantry. Businesses sponsor competitors and want their brands to look fantastic on the ring gear, whether it is shorts, hats, t-shirts, or a customised boxing robe. In addition the boxers also use their outfits to show their personality or reach out to fans.

Not surprisingly there have been some incredible outfits in boxing over the years. We would like to look at some of them below to give a better idea of how exciting, and in some cases bizarre, they can be.

“Sugar” Ray Leonard vs. Hector “Macho” Camacho – March 1997

Camacho had a knack for wearing outfits that got attention, whether for the right or wrong reasons. Before this classic he wore a Roman Gladiator costume. Fans were split on whether they loved or hated it, but either way “Macho” did his job and got them to react.

Antonio “Magic Man” Tarver vs. Roy Jones Jr – November 2003

When your moniker is “Magic Man” you need to look the part. The robe and shorts Tarver wore for this bout were a mesmerizing sparkly purple. They definitely stood out, even though Jones took the win.

“Smokin'” Joe Frazier vs. Muhammad Ali – March 1971

The “Fight of the Century” definitely lived up to its name. It saw Frazier become the first man to ever defeat Ali. His ring gear is legendary too because the dazzling green and yellow represent the occasion.

“Prince” Naseem Hamed vs. Kevin Kelley – December 1997

Few boxers had the sense of making a ring walk into an extravaganza that Hamed had. His entrances were lavish and made a huge impression. The robes and shorts he wore were just as flash, including the leopard print he had for this fight.

Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton vs. Paulie Malignaggi – November 2008

Hatton had some of the loyalist fans in boxing history. His character and ring gear definitely helped get them on side. In the lead up to this fight the media had been critical of his weight gain. As a result he responded by wearing an oversized fat suit and boxing robe.

Muhammad Ali vs. Ken Norton – September 1976

The greatest boxer of all time always favoured simple, classic ring garments. This was quite the juxtaposition to his loud, brash personality. In this fight he had a very simple white robe and shorts with black trim. On any other fighter it would have looked boring but Ali showed that the man definitely makes the clothes.

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