The idea of a boxing robe is they keep the boxers warm while they wait in the dressing room, make their ring walk, and go through introductions. They are loose fitting so they are comfortable and easy to put on and take off. Whether you box or just want a comfortable piece of clothing to wear for lounging at home, why not design your own boxing robes? It is quick and easy with Scene on Film.

Getting a good fit

The robes are naturally looser in the arms because boxers put them on over their gloves. As a result they should fit fine regardless of your size needs.

The most important places to look at sizing, especially with a professional robe, are the chest and back. Boxers don’t want a garment that is too tight because it will constrict them. In addition the robes have to be long enough to cover their back. As a result boxers generally get custom garments. They need to have chest size, back length, and even their estimated fighting weight in mind.

One thing to keep in mind is that professional boxers can go through dramatic weight cuts when they prepare for a contest. As a result the size they need for robes can change. If you are not undergoing a similar training camp you should have fewer worries about fit.


Whether you are buying yourself a treat or want to give someone a personal gift, a boxing robe could fit the bill perfectly. Our products are the highest quality, made from great materials. You can add your own personalised touches with up to three lines of text and a choice of font and colour.

Our products are such high quality that we have supplied replica robes for various clients, including film production companies and cinemas. Buy with confidence that we strive to give you a garment you will love.

You can go through the whole order process on our website. Simply head to the custom boxing robes page, select your options and add to basket. We will try to get your robe made and dispatched to you as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions about the garments or sizing please contact us.