Do you know someone who loves boxing? Maybe you think that they’d love a big, comfy customised boxing robe? Then you should check out what we have on offer.

A Unique Present

Occasions are meant to be fun, but they also often call for gifts. This shopping experience fills many people with stress from coming up with an idea right up to giving it. You have to find something they will not receive from everyone else that also has thought put into it.

So, what about letting us help you? Even if they aren’t the world’s biggest fan of boxing, it is still a warm, loose item of clothing that makes a great addition to the wardrobe. Some people love the idea of something different and it can make a memorable gift that is perfect for wearing around the house.

Only The Best

We not only want to provide people with something that looks great, but also an item made with care. If you are wondering about how good our products are remember, we have had the pleasure of working with the likes of 20th Century Fox. You can rely on the fact that you will be receiving something first-class.

People say “it’s the thought that counts”, so show this. Take a look at our range of premier products. They are all worth the money.

Check Out What Else We Offer

You not only get to customise your own bespoke boxing robe, but you also get to choose from our other products:

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– Boxing Shorts
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This is along with our TV & movie memorabilia keychains, necklaces and wallets.

Buy a top of the line customised boxing robe today with Scene On Film. We are also more than happy to answer any queries you might have, all you have to do it get in touch.