Scene on Film provides competition organisers, film production companies, cinemas, and private buyers with all kinds of quality sporting and film memorabilia. Our collection is broad, including clothing as well as movie props. Something else we do is allow you to design your own boxing robes.

Whenever someone hears the words “custom made”, the first things that come to mind are unnecessary or expensive. This isn’t the way you should be looking at it however. Instead you should see it as a personal piece of clothing you can wear for years. In addition, they reveal your personal style. There are plenty of reasons why you should invest, including:


For one thing, custom garments utilise quality materials. Sadly this isn’t a necessity with off-the-rack gear. This is because it’s more cost effective during mass production. Products made in batches rarely go into the hands of experts who will criticise each detail. With custom clothing though, it’s a different story. Therefore they tend to be much better.

It’s all about you

Another thing you can do is promote your personal style. There’s a restriction on how much ready-to-purchase clothes reflect “you”. However, bespoke clothing enables you to bring more individuality out.

There are plenty of design possibilities, especially with our boxing robes. For example, one feature you can take advantage of is the colour. Every colour comes with its own meaning, and you can pick those that relate to you the most.

At Scene On Film, we give customers a fair degree of freedom when they come to us to create a custom robe. For instance, you’re free to have three lines of customised text. Furthermore, you can choose between eight fonts. The text is available in six colours too.

If our design your own boxing robes service interest you and you’d like to know more, please get in touch. We will answer any questions and help you choose the right product. Whether it is for you, meant as a gift or a prize, you’ll love the quality.