Boxing is something many people enjoy. This is regardless of whether you participate or watch professionals. With a customised boxing robe, you can have an item unique to you and feel even more involved.

Feel Close To The Stars

There is more to boxing robes than looks, even though they can make people look cool. It is something many people expect the experts to wear, and they emit a vibe of danger. This cloaked and hooded style also helps the wearer stay focused as they enter so they do not get psyched out.

Robes like this have plenty of room. As a result boxers can wear them as they prepare and stretch so that they do not lose the body heat they have built up. Cold muscles stiffen up, leading to a higher chance of injury. Therefore keeping blood flowing is essential. This baggy clothing also fits over gloves and is simply soft and comfortable.

Purchasing a robe where you have had an input in the design makes it feel more special and unique. You can then look like a pro and show it off to other people. Alternatively, wear it around the house to relax in. They are very comfortable and much lighter than dressing gowns.

A High Grade Item

When you receive items from us, they are made with high levels of craftsmanship and quality. You aren’t buying something mass made and cheap. Our products have even seen use through professional film companies like 20th Century Fox. They make a great gift to other boxing fans or even yourself.

Design your customised boxing robe today. You have a choice of colours with up to 3 lines of text. We have a range of other boxing items you may have an interest in too. This includes replicas of some well known garments like Rocky Balboa, Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali robes. Browse our site now and if you have any queries contact us.