Scene On Film opened in September 2005.

Scene On Film Ltd supplies cinemas, film production companies and competition organisers with movie props, wardrobe and reproduction sports memorabilia. We supply some of the big names including 20th Century Fox and our biggest project to date has been supplying Rocky Balboa apparel for the European premiers of ROCKY BALBOA, also known as Rocky VI.

We work hard to satisfy our customers. Your comments are appreciated.

The Company, Our Direction and Goals

We Believe in Quality and Assurance to our customers
We believe in our quality products and services. and are confident about making sure that whatever we offer for sale is the finest of its kind of product available on the market.
Our items are unique in the market place and our goal is to maintain these new ideas in keeping the client happy and returning to our online store..

Who Sees Your Credit Card?

Your credit card details are secure with us. We only use your credit card to process your order and for that purpose only. Our site supports secure transactions any time you send us your credit card information,  we use internal security measures to insure authorised access only to personal information.
For any other personal information  that you give to us?  You have complete assurance that this does not go any where else, not for any reason.
Our Privacy Policy is to make sure your information stays private.

Why We Need to Know About You?

To despatch products to you we need information, including your name, delivery address and credit card number. We use this information to despatch your products to you, and for nothing more. We ask for your E-mail address and other contact information so that we can contact you if there are problems with your order, and to send you updated information about your order.
We do not pass on or sell any of our customers´ personal information to anyone outside our company for any reason.