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Measurements for boxing robes

The idea of a boxing robe is they keep the boxers warm while they wait in the dressing room, make their ring walk, and go through introductions. They are loose fitting so they are comfortable and easy to put on and take off. Whether you box or just want a comfortable piece of clothing to wear for lounging at home, why not design your own boxing robes? It is quick and easy with Scene on Film. […]

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Feel at home in custom boxing robes

Scene on Film provides competition organisers, film production companies, cinemas, and private buyers with all kinds of quality sporting and film memorabilia. Our collection is broad, including clothing as well as movie props. Something else we do is allow you to design your own boxing robes. […]

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Why do boxers wear a customised boxing robe?

Robes are a mainstay in boxing for a number of reasons. Firstly there are benefits for the boxer in terms of staying warm and keeping muscles loose during the ring entrance. Secondly a customised boxing robe is a great promotional tool and can feature the logos of any sponsors. Finally, the robes are colourful and help to distinguish the boxers from each other. […]

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